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What to Expect

Each piece of flooring will vary in grain characteristic and color.Wood will slightly expand and contract with changes in humidity. Small cracks between boards may appear in drier months. With the wetter seasons the boards will expand and might push out any filler that may be in your floor.

Before we even start working on your floor we hang plastic on any doorway that is open to the rest of your house. We try our hardest but sometimes it is difficult to create a clean room. The machines we use are state of the art and help to keep the dust down. We guarntee that there will be a minimal amount of dust that will escape from the room. We use a vacuum with a blower so we get most of the dust off the walls, then we vacuum the floor. We then use a tack cloth to get as much dust as possible. We cannot control the environment once we leave.

Even though wood flooring is hard it will dent. We recommend that you go to your local hardware store and purchase some kind of padding for the legs of your furniture.

Under normal conditions, your floor may need to be recoated in 5 years. It really helps if you put area rugs in the high traffic areas. It is possible to go 10 years between recoats if protected and taken care of the right way.